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Solar Energy Systems for Pools

Posted on August 7, 2021 by Jordan Reynolds

For those who have a pool, you know how much heating it can crank up your utility bill. Solar power systems for pools provide an alternate method that won't devastate your bank accounts.

Solar Energy Systems for Pools

When most folks consider solar power systems, they consider the large crystalline structures which are thought to collect a good deal of solar power so as to convert it to solar energy. But, there are other applications for solar panels. One of the more innovative applications for this technology is the use of solar panels for heating pools. Using solar power to heat your swimming pool, you can make certain your morning swim will remain nice, comfortable and inexpensive.

Everybody has to heat their pool unless they live in a tropical climate where the temperature does not fall at night. Some people decide to buy a pool cover, but these only work to restrict heat loss versus really heating up the water. Gas heaters work well, but the operating cost of a gas heater can really accumulate. A reduced first cost can draw pool owners to gas heaters, but the costs over the life span of the usage of this pool can be catastrophic.

Using solar panels for heating pools, however, can fix all the problems of the aforementioned techniques. Normally, solar panels are installed on the roof of your home, where much sunlight strikes. These solar panels accumulate heat, which can be transmitted to water stored in hoses behind the solar collectors. This warms the water, which is then circulated through the pool. This way of heating a swimming pool will cost more than any other heating system, but the solar collectors and other accessories pay for themselves within a couple of years. If you're planning to live in the house for a while, the cost will be a fraction of any additional heating process. If you intend to sell the home in the not too distant future, the solar panels will increase the value of the home as they're considered energy savers as time passes.

Using solar panels for heating pools is a time tested approach. If you reside in a place where lots of houses have pools, you need to take a walk around the area. You will notice a great deal of houses with pools have solar energy systems. The only downside to this method is the government doesn't provide any financial incentives for heating your pool with solar. Given the utility savings, it really does not matter. It's still a no brainer to use solar panels for heating pools.

Solar power systems are a excellent alternative for heating your swimming pool. In addition to being the most cost effective heating system, solar panels are the most eco-friendly also. Choosing solar energy to your swimming pool heating system means that everybody wins!.