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Free Energy

Posted on February 12, 2023 by Jordan Reynolds

The world was young and wonderful when it took an incorrect turn and embraced belching Model T Fords. Entrepreneurs of your day sold the planet on the combustion motor over steam and electric. As well as perhaps electromagnetic and vortex.

Lurking in the backdrop were Tesla and Keely offering free energy. They lived in parallel times but Tesla hated Keely's methods deeming them undisciplined. He never argued with Keely otherwise and contains been accused of plagiarizing Keely.

This was a period once the aether was quite definitely part of science. The Aether rather than Ether, the anaesthetic, was regarded as the underlying force of universe, the blocks of universe, like string theory and quantum mechanics, which respect the thought of the aether.

An experiment performed in 1889 made to detect the aether, failed. It had been referred to as the Michelson Morley experiment and after that till Einstein, the aether became mythical. In 1927, Einstein said, there has to be an aether, which re-ignited quantum thinking and Tesla's proclamation he could supply the world with free energy, an activity halted by JP Morgan who, with Westinghouse and Edison, were already charging for electricity.

Tapping the aether for power is a ultimate goal since, at the very least in modern historical times, Bessler's perpetual motion machine. And debate of its perpetuality always asks where in fact the energy originates from. Which means it isn't perpetual. The power originates from somewhere.

As imaginable, the very considered free energy to the oil industry sent shudders of a magnitude that thundered through any opposition and generally, shut it down.

The backlash of oil to free energy was fierce. Think about those urban legends about getting 200 miles to the gallon, an activity that included a mighty misting of water vapor. These kinds of inventions were only heard about but never to enter the market.

True free energy is really as it always has been. The idea of an underlying force that creates gravity and light and space and motion and time has been known since ancient times.

Free energy is really a force to be utilized for gravity control and almost everything else. Names such as for example Bedini and Bearden both claim working types of free energy machines. An organization called Lutec in Australia claims an operating model but is stalled in production. However they do claim an operating model as do others all over the world.

Tesla's idea was to stimulate the earth itself, shoot it filled with electricity in order that wherever you're on earth, just drive a steel rod in to the ground and you also have power. Fascinating and dangerous.

Today's thinking is more such as tapping energy from that wonderful 90% of everything in the universe that people have no idea about. They call it dark matter that could easily get in touch from what they called aether or the underlying force of everything.

Free energy and gravity control travel together and maybe we are able to get back to leaving huge rockets for celebration. Putting a guy on the finish of 1 is comparable to being linked with a speeding bullet.

We have become aware that rockets, though romantic, won't get us to the stars. We should rethink our propulsive force and utilize the abundant energy that exists all around the universe.

The thinking isn't new even though rockets took man to the moon and robots to mars, scientists today are realigning their focus in the realization that people need something better.

Free energy could be free nonetheless it will not be cheap. Construction of new machines built for this fuel-less propulstion system must replace our combustion engines and rockets.

As our focus continues on the acquisition of more and scarcer new oil supplies, this emerging technology will show its elegance on the former system without belching flames or noxious gases no fuel or re-fuel required again.